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Name:Bryce Kingsley Rowen
Birthdate:Feb 17
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Bryce Kingsley Rowen was born in Cambridge, England, when his parents were home on holiday visiting his father's family. His dad (Kingsley) was born and raised in Cambridge, England, while his mother (Jacinta) was a natural-born Upper East Side New Yorker. His mother had completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours, dreaming of becoming an author and by the time Bryce was born, she had signed a published deal for her first novel. His parents met when she was visiting London on a research trip. The romance was whirlwind and the marriage soon followed because Jacinta was already pregnant and they didn't see the point in waiting.

Bryce's dad was very ambitious and attended school with Lisa Drake, the older sister of Caden Drake Jr.. Bryce's family and the Drakes grew up as very close friends and Bryce was born just a few years before Lisa's son, Brendan... and to this day, Brendan and Bryce remain best friends. Like Brendan's mother, Bryce showed signed of musical and acting ability from a young age. He had many roles as he grew up, but always - like any stage actor - hoped for the West End or Broadway one day. He only had to wait until he was 12 to get the West End big break, with a few industry connections via Lisa, which was a reprisal of Oliver, Bryce taking the lead.

His career just soared from there, but by far, the most cherished role he scored was a long-running part of Sam Wheat in the West End production of Ghost. He even signed a recording contract for a record of classical songs, singing being his second love with a Tenor vocal range. With that due to end, Bryce had plans to follow his best friend, Brendan, to New York to star in one of his uncle's Productions but it wasn't meant to be. Before Bryce had a change to end his run as Sam Wheat, he got terrible news that he had a malignant brain tumour and would need surgery, followed by chemo and radiation therapy to give him the best chance of survival... but not a certainty. The period of ill health with crippling headaches, weakness and unsteadiness on his feet meant his understudy had already been standing in for him more often than not, so Bryce had no choice but to publicly announce his intention to retire for now, with his final performance singing O Holy Night at a New York Christmas Eve concert hosted by Caden's production company.

Now back in New York with his parents, and close to Brendan, Bryce is trying to face the fact he may never perform again and may not survive the brain tumour. It was a waiting game, and as strange as it sounds, he is mourning the loss of his performing ability more than anything else.

Bryce's tag @ +dreamlikenewyork is HERE

"Mercy, like water in a desert
Shine through my memory like jewelry in the sun
Where are you now, Another place and time,
I'll dream you... wide awake."

- Dream You Wide Awake, Poets of the Fall

Bryce is an original character, created for the PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. For RP and muse writing only. No infringement intended. His PB is Jonathan Groff, who belongs to himself.

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